Activist Newsletter Issue 0

Update: This post was originally titled ‘Issue 1’. This has now been corrected to reflect the fact that this is Issue 0, with issue 1 hopefully coming at the start of next term.

The Univeristy of York Activist Newsletter has been revived. Yay!

We issued a few of these last year and now the hub of activism and changemakers that is the University of York People and Planet group have taken hold of the baton and revived what is a fantastic project. They’ve even given them a new look.

The newsletter is a great space for like minded societies to showcase their activities and news to people who might not come into contact with them otherwise. It was first introduced as a way of building up a sense of community among what otherwise might be disparate groups. It’s really encouraging to see that feeling return.

It’ll be interesting to see where it goes and hopefully it becomes a common sight around campus. Long may it be printed and congratulations to all involved.

Please pass it on 🙂


The youth wing of York Green Party incorporating the University of York Green Party. All posts represent the views of those who posted them and not necessarily any of the organisations referenced or that this blog is affiliated to.

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