UoY Green Party Support the Living Wage Campaign

The University of York Green Party strongly supports the call for the University to pay all its staff a Living Wage, a demand which is both financially and morally necessary during this time of austerity. It is a scandal that the University employs over 600 people who are not being paid enough to support their families. VC Brian Cantor’s pay is 16 times that of the lowest paid workers, and while those at the bottom struggle to pay their mortgages, the Vice-Chancellor has seen a 26% increase in his salary over the past 6 years.

It is only fair that the University compensates for this extreme pay gap by showing its workers that they are valued. Doing so has been shown to boost the staff morale, reduce absenteeism, improve recruitment retention and lead to better work quality.

Supporting the Living Wage campaign is a matter of both common sense and common decency. The University of York Green Party looks forward to working with others to make it a reality.

The youth wing of York Green Party incorporating the University of York Green Party. All posts represent the views of those who posted them and not necessarily any of the organisations referenced or that this blog is affiliated to.

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